Chase Rubin
Chase Rubin

Chase Rubin is hoping to give one student the chance to further their education by offering $1200 from the Chase Rubin Trust scholarship! Chase is a renowned financial adviser who understands how difficult continuing education is, especially after having to put himself through school. He believes that if he can lessen the financial burden for at least one student a year, then he is content.

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Hollywood is widely known for film production not only in Los Angeles or the United States at large but also across the world. This neighborhood is in the foothills of the popular Santa Monica Mountains and a few miles from northwest of downtown LA. It is at these foothills many people visit Hollywood to see the signature Hollywood sign from the hillside. There are other numerous must-see locations that you should look for any time you are in Hollywood as detailed below.

Walk Of Fame

The walk of fame is a unique sidewalk alongside Boulevard and Vine Street, and it carries famous faces and names that are represented by stars. These faces and names belong to great musicians, actors, personalities, and directors among other prominent people in music, radio, TV, motion picture, and live performance genres. It is a practice that began as early as 1960, and there was a big controversy about who should be included and who shouldn’t. Today, nominations get announced every year in June the few who get nominated gets added to the list too. Over 2000 stars have already been added on the sidewalk.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Hollywood has a universal site that holds different business divisions such as a working studio, a theme park, city walk and an area for shops and restaurants. In this place, you will enjoy the best and most classic theme park rides in the country. Visitors are usually given a chance to experience how films are made in Hollywood on a trip taken behind the cameras. You will also be able to go shopping, take your favorite bite, wander over the city walk and have a lot of fun, or even catch a movie.

The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign is something that you should not fail to see when at Hollywood even if it’s a far glimpse. This sign was founded in the year 1923. At first, it was ‘Hollywoodland,’ and even though it was supposed to stay for not more than two years, the new Hollywood sign has been intact long enough and with no plan of being removed. Wood Harris warns that you cannot be allowed to get too close to the sign as a visitor. However, the good thing is that you can get a nice glimpse of it from Beachwood Drive or the hill near Lake Hollywood Park. You can also go for horse-riding at Sunset Ranch which is an awesome experience, and when you reach Mt. Lee Drive, you will be standing above Hollywood sign giving you a closer sight of it.

Chinese Theater

This theater was established in the year 1927 by Sid Grauman, and it has held different names and titles after every change of hand. Currently, it is known as the TLC Chinese Theater, and it is used to displays Chinese decorations, designs, handprints, and footprints. You can learn a lot about Chinese culture by visiting this theater. Make it one of your stopovers if you come visiting Hollywood.

Sunset Trip

Sunset strip is part of Sunset Boulevard, and it borders the Beverly Hills. The place is characterized by diverse retail shops, restaurants and recreation places. These amenities are easy to identify from the huge billboards and neon signs at night. Wood Harris says that this is one of the best places to hang out whenever you visit Hollywood, and you might get a chance to mingle with Hollywood celebrities because some of them live in the area. You will also get a chance to do some shopping, look around the area and enjoy your favorite meal.

Hollywood is one place that you can never miss something adventurous to see or do. It is always good to visit a new place once in a while, and this list provides you with some locations that will make your visit at Hollywood memorable.

The most important thing that you can ever do to yourself is to ensure that your health is your number one priority. You should never sacrifice your health because of saving money. Always remember that you only have one body, and you need to take really good care of it. If you live in San Diego, there are quite a number of health facilities available, but you should know how to save money when it comes to accessing health care. We are going to look at some of the ways you can use.

Go for a second opinion

If you are given a heavy estimate of a healthcare procedure and you feel like it does not seem right, then you have to get a second opinion. You might end up going to a dentist for a consultation, only to be told that the procedure that is needed to fix your dental issue costs a significant amount. Additionally, you will receive pressure from the dentist to pay up quickly in order for the procedure to be done. When you find yourself in this situation, always seek a second opinion especially from a satisfied customer who points you to a board-certified doctor or dentist.

Explore different options

For most of us, when we want to visit a doctor immediately, we usually go to urgent care. Ideally, this process is mixed with trips to the exam room, the waiting room, and the pharmacy. After a few weeks, you will receive a huge bill. Luckily, there are different options available for patients to use:

Virtual healthcare: there are very many insurance companies that are offering virtual healthcare alternatives, where doctors can be accessed using FaceTime or Skype calls at scheduled times of appointments any time of the day. These telehealth services allow you to speak to doctors for less than $50, making them really affordable to many people. In other insurance covers, there is a 24-hour service line for nurses where patients can talk to nurses for free, enabling patients to avoid traveling long distances to speak to doctors.

Alternative care facilities: in your local shopping center, you may have identified an urgent care clinic that was not there 24 hours ago. These clinics can be affordable if compared to other urgent care facilities. It is important to check if they are around your neighborhood.

Heal: heal is a service where a doctor is sent to your residence for $99. these doctors accept different insurance covers meaning that you will only have to co-pay. Each visit you make will have to include an entire check-up. Heal comes in handy when your child or any other family member needs a doctor. Although this option is not available everywhere, it is a good option to try out.

Research about these services now by asking your family doctor or insurance company for a sense of what is available and the costs entailed. You can also check out the finacea coupon 2018 to get affordable services. Do the research on these options much earlier and not when your child or family member is sick.

Ask if you could get a discount

You might be shocked to know that there are instances where asking for a healthcare discount is necessary. Some of the cases when you should ask for discounts is when you are going for regular service and you plan to pay out of your own pocket; these include services like acupuncture, physical therapy, and chiropractic services and medications. You might not know how to ask for discounts, and to help you out, these are some scenarios that you can use when you are asking for discounts:

“I am going to get treatment from you over the next three months, would you be kind enough to offer me a discount if I make my payment before I start undertaking the treatment?”

Additionally, you can go for discounts like the finacea coupon 2018 which allow you to get affordable care.

Research on the costs

When you are advised to go for a test to another facility by our doctor, you will be referred to a place by the doctor, but you don’t have to go to the same facility. You can scan the costs of the procedure in different places and if your insurance coverage can part of your costs, you can cover a convenient portion. You can end up saving hundreds of dollars.

Consider the numbers

Be conscious about the budget to know your health care expenses so that you can check if you can save. There are monthly plans that are too expensive, like the dental plan of some companies. You can decide to forgo dental plans or any plan and focus on a more sensible plan for you and your family

Stay healthy

It is easy to say that you need to stay healthy, but it needs to be a priority. If you make a considerable effort to be healthy, you are going to be more productive in your life. Some things that you can stay away from to stay healthy include quitting smoking, going for regular exercise, eating a good diet, washing your hands, and drinking water.

bad credit loans

bad credit loans

When an individual does not have the qualifications to secure a car loan they can use a cosigner. This person agrees to pay the debt if the borrower defaults on the loan. The cosigner must have a long credit history and a decent credit score. This often enables the borrower to secure the loan at a much better rate. There are some excellent reasons for a cosigner to agree to sign the auto loan.

Helping the Applicant

Most people require a loan to be able to purchase a new car. When they are unable to secure a loan this can easily prevent them from purchasing a new car. When a borrower is rejected for a loan or any type of credit it is usually because they have a low credit score or a poor credit history. Different lenders, bad credit loans and creditors are often willing to reconsider issuing the loan if it is also signed by a cosigner. When the cosigner agrees they are providing the opportunity to help the borrower obtain transportation to travel to and from work, attend school or simply have reliable transportation.

Building Credit

In order to build a credit history or improve a credit score, the individuals must first obtain credit, even if this is via hard money loans. This can be extremely challenging because the borrower does not have the qualifications to obtain credit. When a cosigner signs a loan they are helping the borrower establish or build their credit history and credit score. This will make it easier for the borrower to obtain another loan in the future without assistance.

The Debt to Income Ratio

Prior to cosigning a loan, the individual must understand the implications. When a person becomes a cosigner they increase their debt to income ratio. This is determined by dividing the individuals total debt by the income they earn each month. If the cosigner earns $10,000 per month and their monthly debt totals $7,500 their debt to income ratio would e 75 percent. A cosigner must sign all loan documents and attend the closing of the loan. In addition to the debt being added to the cosigners debt to income ratio, the loan will be a part of their credit report. If the borrower defaults on the loan it is the cosigners responsibility to make the payments. The maximum amount recommended for a debt to income ratio is 36 percent. If this figure is higher it often lowers the individual’s credit score. The FICO score of any individual is thirty percent of the amount of debt they owe. This is influenced by all debt from traditional lenders to hard money loans.

The Permanence of a Cosigner

Once an individual cosigns a loan they are responsible for the loan until the last payment has been made. The cosigners name cannot be removed from the loan. There are only two exceptions. The first is a cosigner release clause. This clause states if the borrower makes the car payments on time for a specified period the name of the cosigner can be removed from the loan. This type of clause is used mainly for student loans but can be requested for any loan from any lender. The second is if the borrower successfully refinances the loan by themselves.

The Credit

Many people cosign loans for friends, family or a loved one. They must be aware of the reason the individual is unable to secure a loan or they haven’t thought about bad credit loans. This may be a child who is just starting out and has not built a credit history yet. This could also be a person who has a poor history due to paying their bills late or has already defaulted on a loan. If the reason is the latter the cosigner must understand they are taking a risk. Their credit score may be damaged and they may have to make the payments.

When to Cosign a Loan

Cosigning a loan is a personal decision. There is always a risk but often the reasons to sign are more important than the risk. Many parents will cosign a car loan for a child attending college or just leaving home. Sometimes the borrower has made mistakes in the past and is looking for help in starting over. The potential cosigner must consider all the risks prior to signing the loan. They must understand they may be damaging their credit if the borrower misses a few payments. The most important questions a potential cosigner must ask of themselves is if they believe the borrower will make all the payments on time, if they are willing to take the risk if the borrower misses payments and if they are willing to risk their credit score and history for this individual.

Winters and Yonkers

Winters and Yonkers

When a person is injured in an accident, injury law or tort law is usually applied to determine liability, eligibility for compensation and the amount of compensation. Besides personal injury, according to Legal Match, tort law also covers property damage and privacy rights cases. It is important to understand that the statutes and guidelines of the law defer from one state to the other. Some of the elements of the tort law specifically tied to the state of California include the California Tort Claims Act, Reckless Misconduct Provisions, Comparative Negligence and the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA). Under the provisions of the California Tort Claims Act, individuals can make successful claims against the government, if the same is lodged in accordance with the set directions and timeframes. With regards to Reckless Misconduct Provisions, California and other states generally classify tort violations as either caused by negligence or premeditated acts.

What should you do after a car accident in San Diego?

Statistics indicate that the highest number of car accidents involving motorists in San Diego is caused by speeding, improper turning, and failure to yield. When you are involved in an auto accident, there is a well-laid procedure to follow. According to the Automobile Club of Southern California, the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath and assess the accident site. Once you are calm and collected, evaluate your condition and find out if there are injured persons at the scene. If you not seriously injured and can leave your car, do so gently and make sure the car engine and other operating accessories are turned off. If there are injured people at the scene, call for medical assistance immediately. Once this is done, call 911 to alert the police or highway patrol about the incident.

When making the emergency call, be sure to give the correct location of the accident and explain the exact situation on the ground to help emergency services determine whether an ambulance or fire engine are necessary. Before leaving the site, remember to exchange important information with the parties involved in the accident such as drivers and passengers. The information includes name, phone number, address, insurance and policy number. Regarding the other car involved in the accident, get details concerning the license plate number, make, model and color of the vehicle. To facilitate investigations, try as much as possible to give an accurate picture of the event without forgetting the date and the road and weather conditions at the time.

If possible, take a photo of the crash scene and record the damages that you see. If you are asked to write a police report, be very specific with your answers. According to, the police department in the county only responds to injuries resulting from a hit and run accidents. However, accident victims are encouraged to make their reports to the nearest police substation. The insurance company must also be notified of the accident. When you report an accident to your insurance company, you will also be asked to fill a report of the crash. This report is important in facilitating claims and getting your vehicle replaced or repaired. You can get in touch with the San Diego Police Department to report non-emergency cases on the phone number (619) 531 2000.

Winters and Yonkers Law Firm

A car accident can cause serious personal injury, which may lead to loss of wages, pain and suffering, ill health and other debilitating effects. Getting in touch with a trusted personal injury lawyer is highly recommended after an accident. The lawyer will help you handle the paperwork; offer emotional support and more importantly, get you through the legal hurdles. If you live in Florida, the Tampa, Florida based Winters and Yonkers law firm are committed to protecting your rights by ensuring the entire claim process remains less stressful and reassuring. The cases handled by personal injury attorney Tampa include vehicle accidents, severe injury accidents, and premises liability. The aggressive legal team can handle all types of injury claims including:

• Wrongful death
• Brain injury
• Soft tissue injury
• Lacerations
• Spinal cord injury among other injuries

As part of extended assistance, the lawyers will review your medical records and help you find well-qualified, local physicians, even if you have a limited insurance cover. Winters and Yonkers attorneys will not charge you any fees unless you collect. The team of personal injury attorneys includes Patrick Brannon, Trevor Colvin, Christopher Smith and Mathew Brown. You can get in touch with personal injury attorney Tampa today or any other time to schedule a free initial consultation by phone at (813) 223 6200 or online.

A used car may have kinks that may be left unmentioned to a buyer. Even if the whole transaction is transparent, there are some problems that the previous owner might fail to notice before your purchase. Some of these might cause you or your loved one’ safety. This will lead to future repairs that might even cost you more than what you paid for. Having a brand new car means you completely avoid all of these problems as car dealerships would have strict inspections.

According to Rusty Tweed, owner of Tweed Financial Services, having a brand new car is entirely possible even on a tight budget. All it needs is a lot of persistence, wise negotiation, good financial advising and perfect timing. If you are someone who wants to get a new car in San Diego, read on to find out more about how you can get discounts.

How to Get a Discount on a Car in San Diego


1. Have the skill of assertion, but be flexible

When talking to a car dealership, it is important to be sure on which car you are buying. In some ways, car dealers can assess a person, if you know what you are doing or not. Before getting into a discussion with a dealer, you should have a background on your desired car’s features and price ranges. Usually, most cars have variations on transmission or feature upgrades. Ask all pertinent questions and be confident about the arrangements you want to have. If you are a practical buyer and can drive with the less preferred package or color, a dealer might be able to sign you off on a good payment basis since there is less demand. Do not overspend on extra features, and spend only on the ones you know you will be using.

2. Trade-In or Sell?

This option can be quite tricky, but if you have a previous car, trading in or selling can be to your advantage if you do the right things. You can look up classified ads in the San Diego area, and see how much your used car is valued for. You can present this to your car dealer so you know that you’re not being ripped off during trade-in deals. Usually, well-maintained cars are in a good advantage, so present your used car in good condition. However, if you feel like you don’t have to time to glam up your old car, it may be a better deal to sell it to a private owner. You can put up your car on websites such as Craigslist, eBay or even the Facebook Marketplace and quickly find buyers. This added money will help you finance your car’s downpayment or monthly dues.

3. Wait until demand declines

As humans, we all get hyped when we have the latest of everything: latest gadgets, clothes and even cars for that matter. However, this can lead to impulse purchases and tears of regret some months down the road. A new car doesn’t have to always be the latest model. Rusty Tweed advises new buyers that it might be ideal to wait a few months or even a year as new models can have the risk of recall or unexpected flukes. If you are purchasing a new car, it is possible to get a discount for the tried and tested models. Additionally, it is also ideal to get more discounts in the early or late part of the year, as most people would be thinking twice about getting a car in January or December. It’s either people are just out of the spending loop in the holidays or their money is spent in the holiday season. Dealers are thirsty for clients at this time, so you might be able to snag a good deal.

4. Claim a referral or a package deal

Any dealer will be happy to assist as long as you’re a serious buyer. Also, they will be willing to provide you discounts in the name of “referrals” or “package deals”. Referrals can be verbal testimonies of satisfied clients that you know, say a friend who said that the car dealership gave him the best price. You can mention this to your dealer and possibly get a good discount. Additionally, take advantage of seasonal package deals. Watch out for online ads, flyers, and posters that show seasonal deals. For example, Black Friday would be a good season to purchase a brand new car since most sellers would drop their prices to points so affordable than any other time of the year.

Companies such as Tweed Financial Services believe that it is essential to think wisely of big purchases such as a car. A new car can even be a better deal than some used ones, for as long as you follow these tips and learn how to negotiate with your car dealership.


If you are an expert in the construction industry and would like to explore more, San Diego offers you amazing opportunities that can help you to achieve the goals you have about your career. Most people are not able to choose the right opportunities because they lack information that can help them make a decision.

Rocco Basile is among professionals whose influence in the construction industry has helped to advance its growth and he offers his ideas to help professionals land jobs in San Diego while also ensuring they make the best choices. Rocco Basile owns a company called Avo Construction, which works on projects posted by clients in the construction industry. He talks about construction opportunities you can browse in San Diego.

Project manager
Virtually all construction projects come with this requirement. If you have prior experience managing people in the construction process then you will easily get a job in San Diego. The work of a project manager involves working to see that all projects are completed on time and following the quality requirements specified at initial planning. There are many jobs listed on job sites that call for project managers, so you can apply to few of them and chances are high you will land the opportunity in few days if you have prior experience.


Landscaping is part of many projects that requires the input of workers. If you also run a company that does landscaping, you can negotiate with different construction companies to get deals to design and work on enhancing the beauty of the environment on which a house is built. There are hundreds of landscaping opportunities in San Diego, both for individual contractors and companies. The most common requirement is experience not less than one year, so if you have been working on landscaping projects before you stand higher chances.

Delivery driver
Every construction site needs timely supply of construction materials and fixtures, and this is the work of a driver and assistant appointed to make deliveries. You could also narrow down your search for a job on this criterion especially if you have previously worked on a similar role. You can easily land such an opportunity as there are many large projects in San Diego that require the help of a driver. You only need to prove that you have the experience and skills needed to offer good service.

Millwork estimator
If you have strong business, communication and computer skills, this is the job for you. You can easily find opportunities in this area and most of the companies looking will ask that you prove you have at least an Associate’s Degree in Construction Management. Having prior working experience will also increase your chances of getting approved for the job. San Diego offers you an array of choices, so it is necessary to browse through different adverts to see the ones that most perfectly match with your skills. Remember every company offers a unique rate and you can negotiate on what you feel is perfect for you.

Darren Pawski Biography

Darren Pawski BiographyDarren Pawski was born in Australia and he now resides in Western Australia in Perth. He is an advocate of the downtrodden and has utilized his expertise in finance as a medium to combating many of these issues. He is the Managing Director and Financial Guru of the Synergy Financial Solutions, and with this position he has been very vocal and un- apologetic about his approach to financial matters. He has also translated this approach into the health care sector of the United State where he is very vocal about the huge lack in the Obamacare program. Because of his expertise in financial matters, he is able to see far beyond what any mortal is able, and has a direct approach to solving the issues.

For 30 years Mr. Pawski has been in the business of finance and so he comes with that much wealth of knowledge, which he is able to harness and use in a professional and direct way. Charged with working closely with the Commonwealth Bank as well as many high-profile business entities in Western Australia, he is able to steer these businesses into seeing the bigger picture of the potential and capabilities they have available at their fingertips. Seeking to educate his many clients is never a shortcoming of his; as he is always willing to share his wealth of experience for the greater good. Darren Pawski believes businesses even though they may be different in inception, as professional s they share a common thread in their need to benefit all. It is important to note; his need to see equality among the masses he is a vigorous fighter.

A lover of the elderly, Darren is involved in many charities and is able to utilize his vast knowledge on their behalf to make better the health sector. Wanting to make life that much better for them, he volunteers at nursing homes whenever he can as a way of giving back some of the benefits life has afforded him.

Dr raouf farag automotive safetyWhen it comes to automobiles and child safety, it has been pointed out with relative frequency that many of the requirements mandated by law represent nothing more than a minimal standard. That may not be all that comforting to parents who may mistakenly believe that existing legislated requirements are emblematic of best practices in terms of child safety rather than a bare minimum, and it’s certainly not uncommon for parents to believe that the government would have a rather large incentive to mandate a fairly lofty standard when it comes to the safety of children.

Dr. Raouf Farag, an obstetrician practicing out of Gosford, New South Wales, has previously expressed concern regarding this fact, especially when it comes to the level of surprise he has seen in patients who find out about best practices regarding child safety measures for automobiles and the fairly sizable disconnect between those practices and the requirements set forth by law. Whether these measures relate to age and size guidelines for rearward-facing car seats or other in-car safety features, Dr. Farag has found that there is a troubling degree of confusion among even the most well-intentioned parents he has spoken to over the years.

This is part of the reason why it is important for enhanced automobile safety legislation to be thoughtfully considered. Not only is enhancing current standards a means of addressing a critical public health and safety issue, but it is also a way to clearly inform parents regarding the best practices available to them to ensure the safety of their children. When it comes to a safety issue such as this, there really is no room for confusion.

Dr. Farag shared that while he has made every effort to inform his patients regarding the best way to protect their young children, he also noted that there are still so many others who wish to always do the most they possibly can to protect their children yet simply remain unaware that the standard represents an absolute minimum. Raising those standards toreflect best practices is just one of the many ways children can enjoy a greater degree of safety while traveling in a car.

san-diego-79567_960_720In an industry like public relations and brand building, there is a great deal to consider when developing an overarching strategy capable of generating the best possible result for the client. Established PR firms like Behrman Communications have been able to consistently provide clients with outstanding results by taking every possible factor into account when creating a plan designed to elevate a particular brand, which should go well beyond what most would consider an acceptable level of specificity.

Individualizing an approach based on the client and the client’s goals in terms of brand building is of critical importance and certainly remains so, but there are many other considerations that can have a tremendous effect on the outcome of a public relations campaign if not properly accounted for. One of the many factors referenced by some of the most effective PR professionals in the industry today regularly includes the markets in which the campaign will be taking place.

Unique markets like San Diego require a significant degree of specialization in order to ensure the client is able to benefit as much as they should from a public relations campaign. While it may seem tedious to go about achieving so much specificity within a PR campaign according to a number of different markets or regions, the difference in the result is well worth the extra effort, especially considering the value of such differentiation in markets that encompass the Greater San Diego area.